Code and Cupcakes

a beginning coding workshop for mothers and daughters

Host a Workshop About the Workshop

Code and Cupcakes started as workshop in Chicago for mothers and daughters to learn about coding together. Now it exists as a bundle of curriculum and guides freely available to anyone who wants to host their own workshops.

Host a Workshop

In our workshops, we learn the basics of web development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And cupcakes. If you would like to host your own workshop, you can use all of our prepared workshop materials, including a slidedeck, lessons and event guide.

All Code and Cupcakes workshop materials are available at GitHub.

Workshop Materials on GitHub

You can fork the repository or download individual files directly. GitHub has some documentation on getting started with their platform if you find that useful. You can also submit pull requests if you find any issues or would like to share an improvement that can be incorporated into the primary material repository.

Workshop materials are licensed by a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, which means anyone can use, adapt and share the materials as long as they don't charge money for them or place additional restrictions on them. The idea is to make these workshops accessible to everyone. 🙂

About the Workshops

Code and Cupcakes originally held workshops in Chicago from 2014-2015. The workshops were designed and taught by Jen Myers and supported by a wonderful group of volunteer teaching assistants and host venues. Jen and the workshops were profiled in September 2014 by the Chicago Tribune.


If you have any questions, please let us know!

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